SisterSpace Support Statement

SisterSpace stands with Black Lives Matter and other organizations that are working for racial justice, to right social wrongs, and to ensure a better world for us all. We do this not because of a political agenda but because it’s a case of basic human rights, the right for each and every one of us to be treated as a person deserving of respect and caring, to be seen for our worth as a member of this society and to be valued for the strength of our character. We stand behind these organizations on the forefront of the battle while also vowing to do our part.

Following the 2019 festival, the SisterSpace Planners and Board had several meetings during which we made a commitment to spend the year leading up to the 2020 festival working on ourselves and coming together on how to better address the racism, classism, identity and other social justice issues that show up in our small festival community just as much as they do in the larger society.

Our initial plan was to work on ourselves and our perceptions/misconceptions first before opening discussions up to the SisterSpace family and then the greater public.

Listening to the conversations in society as of today and the past few weeks, however, have shown us that these larger community discussions are ones in which we should absolutely be participating in concurrence with our own internal explorations. As such, we will be dedicating a large portion of our Summer Series programming to discussing racial and social justice issues while also working to amplify the voices of women of color.

SisterSpace stands with all people of color in their struggle for racial justice and equality. We support addressing systemic racism, and the micro and macro aggressions that people of color are subject to everyday. We are at this point in our society because of people finally choosing to take a stand against the publicized killings of people of color but for every person whose story we see spread throughout the media, there are thousands more whose pain and years of victimization goes unheard and ignored. We stand with them.

SisterSpace has always been about community and we call out to you and challenge you to come together with us and the greater society in seeking solidarity and discussion and education to help create an enlightened and safe space for all. Thank you and stay safe!

SisterSpace Board of Directors

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